My name is Scott. I am a psychotherapist. I love to help people with my knowledge as I work with my passion. I always train my self-everyday to grow. One day, there’s a patient came to me and interested in my work. So I continued my training by giving her professional skills as a psychotherapist, but also as an educator, in the so-called “open-air setting”. Along with my patients, I lived empathically with what their daily life is, their true life.

All this has been happening step by step in parallel with my life, in which many important meetings, various interests, but in which I have always privileged the land of emotions, went through study and work. Because life is full of emotion and we must live with it.

That is why I love to write. I love to inspire people to become useful. We only live once in this life, and we should keep our emotions at peace. This can be achieved by doing things you like the most. I realise that people should try to keep themselves busy to make their mind at peace. You should try the DIY tricks and tips here. Hope it can help you get through the day!